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Sofar Sounds/Jameson Whiskey

"RichMedia filmed and edited one of our intimate Jameson Whiskey gig events. We were very pleased with the final edits that we received and Rich was a pleasure to work with, delivering a timely and professional set of live performance videos and montages that were recorded live on the night. Rich conscientiously followed the brief that we had provided him for the evening and his own personal creative ideas for the videos were innovative and very welcome. We would be more than happy to use RichMedia in the future." William Hanley, Sofar Sounds.

About RichMedia

We understand that deciding to commission a video can be daunting. You'll probably be thinking - will it look the way I want it to? We know there are certain boxes you'll want to tick with your video, and we're here to listen. Our goal is to make you happy. Simple as that. Together, we will put together a brief - discuss what your business does best - and see how we can show that off to the world through the medium of video. We will be by your side every step of the way, from pre-production to distribution. Below are a few of the key steps we'll take in order to create your video:

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What's a meal without a recipe! Pre-Production encompasses all the planning that takes place before filming. This includes everything from scriptwriting to choosing filming locations. Preparation is key.

Film Crew


This is where it all happens. We use a series of different cameras and filming equipment to ensure we capture what we need to, in the best possible way. And we pride myself on being discrete and professional while doing so.

Typography Sketching

Graphic Design & Animation 

If you're looking for a fresh logo to go with your swanky new video, then we can help! We regularly work with a talented graphic designer who can help you with re-branding your business. We also work with a team of animators who can design and integrate animation into your video, from talking mascots to workplace mock-ups.  

Studio Microphone

Presenter & Voice Over Artist 

Sometimes, an on-screen, or off-screen, personality is needed to add more information or convey a certain message in a video. We are happy to assist with both. We have an abundance of experience in on-camera presenting and voice over work. You can see more about this in the 'About Me' section above. 

Sample Portfolio



This is where we pull all of the footage together and start to create your video. The editing process includes structuring the story of your video, as well as adding music and animation.



So, what happens when you've got your finished video? We can guide you through the distribution process - whether that is uploading your video to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. And we can help make your video more user friendly with closed captions and audio descriptions.

Why is Video Important?

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a video can do!

It's hard to explain just how effective video can be. It acts as a shortcut for online users to experience what you have to offer and ultimately leaves them wanting more. A picture is great, but a video gives you a clearer and more immersive window into something new and exciting.