What is RichMedia?

RichMedia is a production company run by me, Richard Bush. Unlike many other production companies, when you work with me, you work with ME. I manage the whole production process, from filming to editing. There's no need for confusing communications, vague price lists and drawn out deadlines. 

I understand that deciding to commission a video can be daunting. You'll probably be thinking - will it look the way I want it to? I know there are certain boxes you'll want to tick with your video, and I'm here to listen. Together, we will put together a brief - discuss what your business does best - and see how we can show that off to the world through the medium of video. I will be by your side every step of the way, from pre-production to distribution. Below are a few of the key steps we'll take in order to create your video:

Day 1 Still 1.jpg
Film Crew
Typography Sketching
Studio Microphone


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