We offer THREE different wedding packages at RichMedia - each tailoring to a slightly different type of client, from those wanting to stick to a tight budget, to those who want to go all-out. Each member of the RichMedia team has attended, filmed and consulted on numerous weddings, so we know what’s important to include (or leave out). And arguably most important of all, we know what makes a good video and what constitutes good value for money! 


We always use TWO videographers for our wedding films. From experience, we know that wedding dress reveals, bride arrivals, “I dos”, first dances and speeches can be very easily missed if there’s just one videographer on the ground. That’s why we only offer packages with two videographers. It means that we can be in two places at once. It means that we can shoot twice as much footage, from twice as many angles. And it ultimately means we can shoot a more cinematic wedding video. We could offer a slightly cheaper, single videographer package, but we’d rather just do things properly!


Although we list three wedding packages below, we are more than happy to create a bespoke package based around you.


ESSENTIAL Package (£649)

- 2 Videographers

- Coverage from guests arriving at ceremony venue, to 2 songs after first dance

- 4-5 min highlight reel

If you’re on a tight budget, or just want to keep things simple, then our ESSENTIAL package is a great choice. We will be with you from when the guests start arriving at the ceremony venue, right up until when the bride and groom have their first dance. The final wedding film will be 4-5 minutes in length and will be set to music. This is a great package for those who don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to capture their special day on film - but don't necessarily want to splurge when it comes to budget. Don’t let the price fool you though - you’ll still be getting a slick, polished wedding film jam-packed with amazing footage. 


Package (£849)

- 2 Videographers

- Coverage from Bride AND Groom prep, to 2 songs after the first dance

- Audio overlays of ceremony and meal speeches

- 6-8 min highlight reel

The ESSENTIAL PLUS package offers an extra layer of personalisation to your wedding video, with dedicated bride and groom preparation filming and added audio overlays of some of the day’s essential moments - resulting in a longer, more detailed wedding film. We will arrive early on the day, with one of us spending the morning with the bride and her bridesmaids, capturing the hair and make-up, the one-on-one mother and daughter time and the all-important wedding dress fitting. At the same time, our other videographer will be with the groom and his entourage. Both videographers will then arrive at the ceremony and will be with you right up until the first dance. 

DELUXE Package (£1,199)

- 2 Videographers

- Coverage from Bride AND Groom prep, to TWO HOURS after the first dance

- Audio overlays of ceremony, meal speeches and first dance

- Guest message footage (personal messages recorded by up to 5 guests to be included in the final video edit)

- 10-12 minute highlight reel

- 7-day priority edit


The DELUXE Package takes things to the next level, with longer filming hours, a longer final highlight reel and added personalisation all-round. As well as getting all the benefits of the ESSENTIAL PLUS package, the DELUXE adds things like audio overlays for the first dance, personal on-screen messages to the bride and groom by guests, and a quicker final edit turnaround. 


- Extended Ceremony Edit (£150) A lengthier version of the ceremony - with audio - included as separate video edit

- Extended Speeches Edit (£150) A lengthier version of the speeches - with audio - included as a separate video edit

- Full-length, First Dance Edit (£100) A full, un-interrupted version of the bride and groom’s first dance - with first dance audio - included as a separate video edit

- Feature film edit of wedding 20-30 minutes (£500) - This will include a combination of your highlight reel, extended ceremony edit, extended speeches edit and the full-length first dance edit

- Guest message footage (£200) - Personal messages recorded by up to 5 guests to be included in the final video edit

- Audio overlays of ceremony and meal speeches (£100)

- 100, edited stills from video footage (£200)

- 7-day priority edit (£150 - schedule dependent)

- All the footage shot in 4K quality (£250)

- Extra USB sticks containing edited footage (£10)

- DVD containing edited footage (£10)

- Drone footage of venue(s) (£200)


How will I receive my finished wedding film?

All footage will be delivered as an online, downloadable link and/or on a USB stick. If you would like copies of your wedding film on additional USBs or DVDs, then they can be provided at an added cost (see above for pricing details). 


Can I choose the music for my wedding film? 

We are happy to use whatever music you like in your wedding video. If you do not specify what music you would like, we will provide appropriate, copyright free, tracks for you. Please be aware however that if you want to include copyrighted music within your video, we cannot be held responsible for any copyright issues you may encounter when posting the video on any social or video platforms. 


How far will you travel to film my wedding?

We are based in Liverpool, and will travel 50/75/100 miles (package dependent) free of charge. Additional travel is priced at £0.50 per mile.


Will you film for longer on my wedding day if I ask you too?

We are happy to stay and film longer on your wedding day for an additional cost of £50 per hour.